Redefining the
product lifecycle

Why 3FA

A new standard for physical ownership: 
Own, Interact, Transfer, Repeat

Attach or embed 3FA tags on your products to digitize and transform your product offering.

Product Friendly

We work directly with NFC manufactures to custom source tags around your collectibles, art, or luxury goods


We build our software around Decentralized IDs, allowing you to own your products and access global solutions


Each tag has a secure element with an encrypted private key, making it impossible to duplicate

Marketplace Agnostic

Our tags support token standards that can be used on any onchain marketplace

Our hardware partners

Tech Stack

Built for the real world, secured onchain.

Our encrypted tags inherit the security provided by Ethereum, while their NFT counterparts remain blockchain agnostic.

Proven with
Secured on
Encoded by
We assign DIDs to tags that allow real world goods to inherit the digital uniqueness, chain-of-ownership, and smart contract support that our blockchains embrace.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an NFC tag? Is it the same as an RFID?

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are small wireless devices enabling data transfer between two devices, think Apple Pay and Google Pay. They are a type of RFID that can store secure info, process payments and now sign on-chain transactions.

What is a Real World Asset (RWA)?

A Real World Asset (RWA) in crypto refers to a physical asset that has been tokenized and represented on a blockchain, enabling its ownership, value, or income generation potential to be traded or accessed in a decentralized manner.

How large are the tags? And can they be washed?

Our tags aren't like normal silicon chips. They're paper thin and can be as small as 1.5cm in diameter. We work with our partners to customize sizing and materials around their products.

Yes! Tags are machine washable, and can be specifically designed to withstand hot or cold environments.

How do you ensure tags stay connected to their digital twins?

While our tags can be used for pure authentication, we built in native ERC-5791 functionality, a new NFT standard designed for the secure transfer of physical goods. ERC-5791s can't be transferred without a signature from the physical tag, making sure that the two stay together.

How can tags be blockchain agnostic?

Our tags have two core functionalities: Authentication and Ownership.

By registering our tags on ERS, we're able to inheriting the security of Ethereum, while allowing the actual tokenization to be executed on other blockchains such as Near, Solana, Sui, or even permissioned chains like Quorum.

We believe this model can help companies, brands, and creators leverage the best of decentralization, privacy and scalability.

How long is a standard NFC tags lifespan?

Each tag is passive and uses the receiver's power (typically a mobile phone). This means if tags are kept in good condition, they operate over the expected 50 year lifespan.

In the case a tag needs to be replaced, we support re-issuance under the same DID.

What happens if someone removes a tag?

Tags come with the option of being tamper proof. If a bad actor were to try and remove the tag, an antenna could trigger a notification.

Tamper proofing can be useful for protecting against fraudulent returns or securing high value goods where safety is important (pharma, industrial electronics).

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